Reading: the perfect snow day activity!

As Boston broke the record for the most snowfall ever during a 10-day period, I was snuggled up (surrounded by my boys) reading two coming-of-age books with intergenerational storylines.
I have in my library many wonderful books. The two I read this week are wonderful for middle-schoolers. They both feature main characters who are greatly influenced by older adults (grandparents and “grandfriends” )–one in the past and one in the future.
Bud Not BuddyBud, Not Buddy tells the story of Bud, an African-American boy during the Great Depression who goes in search of his father after his mother dies. Written by Christopher Paul Curtis, this book provides rich material to explore what family means, what true friends are, what it was like to live during the Depression, and the beauty/ history of jazz.
GoldfishFlash to the future, when a “pill” for “eternal youth” is discovered and the effects of aging can be reversed. In The Fourteenth Goldfish: Believe in the Possible by Jennifer L. Holm, Ellie’s grandfather makes this discovery. With the body of a teenage boy but the mind of an adult, he has to go live with Ellie and her mom!
It makes us think: What if? What does aging mean? What if we could reverse the process? What is science all about, and how have scientists been viewed throughout history? What is the role of theater in our culture and lives? How do relationships between parents and grandparents affect grandchildren? How do friendships develop among peers and between people in different generations? What do we believe is possible and for what do we work, sometimes tirelessly?
We have created a recommended reading list of intergenerationally themed books for all ages. This might be a good time to check it out— because there is apparently even more snow headed this way!

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