Remembering Dottie A.

This summer, Dottie A passed on. Recognizing how much Dottie enjoyed the Bridges program, her family chose to have donations made in her memory to Bridges Together Inc.

Dottie A.

Dottie A.

Dottie was a longtime volunteer in the Bridges program in Sudbury. For several weeks twice a year, she would enter an elementary school classroom along with seven other volunteers.  Dottie would share stories from her life, listen to the children’s experiences and then collaborate on a group project. Slowly, over the weeks, seeds of friendship and compassion were sown.

Andrea Weaver, BT Executive Director, reflected:

Personally, I am so grateful for Dottie’s dedication and faithfulness to the Bridges program.  She was a firm believer in our work.  Her interest and enthusiasm provided some of the fuel that empowered me to grow the program from Sudbury to what is now a vibrant nonprofit, charitable organization. Today, we are training teachers and senior staff members across the country on why we need intergenerational programs, how to create effective programs, and how to implement our award-winning approach for children in grades K-8.”Dottie knew that something magical and important happens when older “seasoned” adults and children come together to share their viewpoints, knowledge, energy and wisdom… hearts and minds are changed; society benefits.

We are grateful to Dottie’s many family members and friends who showed their support for her by donating to our organization.  Dottie’s spirit lives on in our hearts.

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