September is Intergenerational Month

Even though we haven’t officially begun summer, it’s not too early to start planning for September’s celebration of Intergenerational Month.

Created by BT’s advisor and colleague, Sandy Kraemer, the month is set aside to celebrate the many benefits of relationships between adults aged 60+ and young people.

“Knowledge is the greatest gift to future generations. At its core, [The Fountain Institute] was motivated to help transfer knowledge from one generation to another. But how?… Out of this conversation came support for creating Intergeneration Day.” (This excerpt is taken from the book, Connecting People of All Ages: Founding Intergeneration Day: Intergeneration Month and Much More by Sandy Kraemer, Kirk Woundy and many others including Andrea.) This grew into Intergeneration Month in 2012 and in 2017, BT began publicizing the month and coordinating the storytelling contest.

As another BT advisor and colleague, Doug Dickson, recently explained: “We who work in the field are like individual choir members. We need to unite our voices as part of a choir in order to make even more music and be heard more profoundly.”

So, we invite you, to think ahead to September and begin planning for your intergenerational work.

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Do you want a comprehensive plan for a 60-90 minute event including who to invite to help you plan the event? MCOA sponsored these FREE guides including:

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Celebrate Grandparents Day on September 9! Find out more at the website hosted by our colleagues, Generations United.

Make your voice heard in two powerful ways.

For more information, please contact Sarah Cavicchi at or 978.440.0810.

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