Sharing Stories Across Generations: Thank You to All Who Made our Event with Fugitive Stories Possible!


Andrea Fonte Weaver of BT

Stories were told, stories were shared – and that’s what Intergenerational Month is all about! This past Sunday, Bridges Together supporters as well as other community members gathered at The Gallery at Villageworks in West Acton for an evening of Moth-inspired true-life storytelling. What a fantastically fun night!

Four professional tellers shared their own intergenerational stories. The audience heard about TV dinners, Santa, dentist office art — and the amazing and beautiful thing is that all these stories tied into the theme of “Across Generations”! Bridges Together would like to thank Fugitive Productions as well as the following individuals for sharing humorous, touching and thought-provoking stories with us (please click on their names to see their websites):

Kemp Harris
Amanda Goodwin
Brendyn Schneider

Kemp Harris

Rose Saia

We were also pleased to have BT’s executive director, Andrea, share a special story about the power of intergenerational relationships in an immigrant-majority community that uses the Bridges program. And the special guest for the evening was Sandy Kraemer, Founder and President of Intergeneration Foundation.

Bridges Together would also like to express our gratitude to the following organizations and companies that helped support our event:

Because of the following donors, we were able to raffle off 12 wonderful gift baskets:

Please check out Fugitive Productions’ list of upcoming events right here.

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