Social entrepreneurship: what it is, and why it works

No matter how much good work they do, or how many lives they touch, even the most widely recognized nonprofit organizations are in constant need of funding. Some organizations, including Bridges Together, have launched programs that have a dual purpose: helping people and communities, and serving as source of revenue. This is known as social entrepreneurship.

Bridges Together is a perfect example of social entrepreneurship. We address the generational chasm through sales of our award-winning curricula. We also host professional development training for which registration fees are often (but not always) required, and provide fee-based consulting services.

In this recently published piece, Deborah Kincade Rambo, LICSW, President of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Boston, describes the rise of social entrepreneurism. She points out it can have significant value:

Selling a product and putting the proceeds toward a charitable cause has its merits, but when an organization is able to leverage its pre-existing expertise or knowledge to offer a good or service that others cannot, a true social enterprise is born.

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