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Are you trying to build up your intergenerational (IG) toolbox – eager to learn more about the art & science of intergenerational engagement? If so, Bridging Groups Intergenerationally: How-2-Guides (H2Gs) is for you! This monthly subscription-based publication series offers a wide variety of innovative, creative, useful and concrete tips to help educators, professionals, community leaders and volunteers involved in senior, school and community intergenerational programs. Each month, subscribers will receive a new How-2-Guide (H2G) providing organizers easy-to-follow steps and guidelines to design, implement and evaluate intergenerational events – or series of events – including how to invite community partners to participate in the planning process.


Each 15-page H2G has a different theme (i.e., cooking, celebrating different cultures, gratitude, etc.) outlining a flexible structure for an hour-long program that can be easily tailored to meet the needs of each unique community. Contents include background information, suggestions of goals & objectives as well as evaluation techniques, various ice breakers, questions to launch meaningful conversations, group activities, even snacks that lend themselves to the theme or mood. In doing so, organizers will create engaging and enriching experiences for older adults and youth from PreK-college.


Pam, a subscriber recently wrote:

“This information is priceless for sharpening my skills!!!!
I am so excited for these [H2G] emails!”


Get started today! The annual fee is $150 ($12.50 per month) and new subscribers during the month of February will receive 3 free bonus issues. To learn more and become a subscriber of Bridging Groups Intergenerationally: How-2-Guides (H2Gs), click here.

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