Study points to positive effects of Bridges Together

This is big news, and not just for Bridges Together! We’re affecting lives in ways that really matter.

Led by Edward H. Thompson, Jr., PhD, professor emeritus in the Department of Sociology & Anthropology at the College of the Holy Cross, a study just published ahead of print in the Gerontological Society of America‘s journal underscores the positive effects of the Bridges Together program.’s the gist of the comprehensive article: Fourth graders who experienced the Bridges: Growing Together program developed more positive images of aging and older adults by the time they graduated from high school than did their peers who did not participate in similar programs.

The study involved local high school students at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School. As many Sudbury residents know, the Bridges Together program has been a special feature of the Sudbury Public Schools elementary school curriculum for more than 20 years– and now we have more evidence than ever before to attest to its success!

We encourage you to read the article, and welcome– as always– your input and feedback.

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