How-To-Guides (H2G’s)

Congratulations! You have taken the next step in strengthening relationships between “the bookend generations”. We can help you! Whether you are bringing intergenerational groups of people together or seeking new ways to unite with your grandchildren or mentees, you will find fresh ideas and practical tips in each How-To-Guide (H2G). 

Calling All “Leaders” – Teachers, Aging & Longevity Activity & Program Coordinators, Librarians, Community Organizers: Do you bring groups of older and young people together? Could you use ideas to fuel your intergenerational programming each month? Would your team like a plan that is easy to follow? OR Are you interested in launching a program but don’t know where to begin?

The Bridges Together H2Gs are for you. We’ve done the thinking for you! These guides make creating a strong program easier and cost-effective for your organization.


Each Bridging Groups Intergenerational H2G includes:

  • An unique theme around which all else is built
  • Building Blocks of information to elevate your work
  • Whom to invite to your Leadership Team
  • Ice Breakers AND questions to start meaningful conversations
  • Activities for youth from preschool to college and older adults of all abilities
  • Evaluation techniques

 Calling all grandparents and mentors: 

This is ideal for grandparents, grandfriends, parents, mentors and anyone looking to stimulate meaningful conversations in an informal setting.

Each Bridging Families H2G includes:

  • Enriching IG conversations and activities
  • Building blocks on IG relationships
  • Conversation Starters 
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Using Bridging Families in a professional setting

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