West Boylston

Early in her position as senior center director, Lisa Clark-Viklund attended a morning workshop by Andrea Fonte Weaver on intergenerational engagement. She was hooked! But her efforts to engage others often led to frustration. When the Community Intergenerational Leadership Team grants were announced, Lisa decided to apply. She convened a team with members representing:

They had heard about a program in a nearby town that piqued their interest: an initiative where older adults served as greeters in the high school, helping to connect with students who were feeling isolated. How could West Boylston build upon this idea?

During the full-day training – one component of the Community IG Leadership Team grant – community members learned about the best practices of intergenerational engagement including volunteer management. This training provided the backbone on which the team could build out their program. The outcome? A hugely successful greeting program! West Boylston Public Access Television highlighted the program..

Click here to view the West Boylston Community Intergenerational Leadership PowerPoint summary of their project.

This year the team plans to continue the greeter program and hopes to expand on intergenerational connections.

Congratulations to West Boylston on enlisting older people to make the community more friendly for people of all ages!


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