Bridges: Lifelong Journeys for High School & College

“I’m getting as much out of this as the kids are! I think all the seniors loved the lesson on resilience. We know we are resilient because of where we are on life’s journey, but the lesson allowed us to reflect on what events brought about our resilience.”

Bridges: Lifelong Journeys at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School

In Bridges: Lifelong Journeys, high school students and older adult volunteers delve into topics that are pertinent across the lifespan. Participants develop skills to make the journey easier and more enjoyable, learning from each other while having fun.

Topics include:

  • recognizing one’s culture
  • understanding the lifespan
  • managing finances
  • using technology responsibly and more.

Participants will:

  • Learn useful tips about recognizing one’s gifts and how they apply to career decisions
  • Recognize that life is a long journey and that companions and skills do make a difference
  • Discover qualities of resilient people and how to implement healthy coping skills for when they hit bumps in the road

Session titles include:

  • Financing Life’s Journey
  • A Backpack of Skills: Recognizing our Multiple Intelligences
  • Getting Over that Hurdle with Resilience
  • Dying and Death and Living

For more information, contact our Intergenerational Facilitator Julie Shaw via email or at 978.793.9509.

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