Bridges: Our Smarts for Grades 6-8

“If I did not have this program, I would not be able to work with seniors like I do now. If I go somewhere with a lot of seniors like where my grandmother and grandfather live, I will now be more comfortable there.”

Making models of others’ hands in Bridges: Our Smarts

In Bridges: Our Smarts, tweens and teens and older adult volunteers will explore Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences “How We Are Smart” Theory using different aspects of nature as the theme for each session.

The multiple intelligence theory states that people have eight different types of intelligences, or “smarts”: body, logic, music, nature, people, picture, self, and word.  This theory and how we use our smarts will come alive through:

  • hands-on art, music, and science projects
  • interactive discussions
  • a variety of nature activities

Participants will:

  • recognize how they are smart and how their ‘intelligences’ can shape their hobbies, careers, and volunteerism
  • learn about their family histories and cultivate the character trait of resilience
  • Increase their knowledge of nature and nutrition

Sessions include:

  • learning about our smarts (assessment – logic and picture smarts)
  • family and favorite trees (visual art project – picture smarts)
  • seasons (taking a walk outside and writing poetry – body, nature, and word smarts)
  • resilience (creating a movement to music – body, music, and nature smarts)
  • using our hands (hand sculptures – body and picture smarts)
  • field trip to a farm (nature smarts)
  • rainbow plates (planning healthful meals – logic smarts)
  • our garden (planting a tree or garden – body, logic, and nature smarts)
  • using our smarts (in our free time, careers and communities – logic, people, and self smarts)
  • celebrating our smarts (party – people smarts)

With all of the lessons, participants interview loved ones at home and share historic and personal highlights in the sessions (people smarts).

For more information, contact Intergenerational Facilitator Julie Shaw via email or at 978.793.9509.

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