Two (more) books with intergenerational appeal

Today we’re delighted to feature two book reviews written by Kayla O:

Freddie the Leaf cover The Fall of Freddie the Leaf by Leo Buscaglia is an accessible book for all ages. The story offers important intergenerational themes such as life and death, change, and companionship. It is story that is engages readers through the journey of Freddie the Leaf through the seasons. The tale can be shared between the young and the old, making it optimal intergenerational reading. Reading The Fall of Freddie the Leaf with children can provide a no-threatening opening for a discussion about death– a prime example of bibliotherapy, or of using books as a way to access deeper feelings and emotions. (Read more about biblotherapy in one of our news posts.)

introEugeneEugene’s Unsuspecting Journey by Heather Choi and Laura Bryson is a meaningful intergenerational tale composed of whimsical illustrations, strong characters, and important values. Eugene eagerly engages in a relationship with an older farmer who provides him with lessons and inspiration. The farmer in turn gets to share his wisdom with the young boy, who otherwise, might not have learned the notion of purpose. This touching children’s story can be shared by all ages and is a wonderful read for intergenerational companions.  Purchase this book at

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