Until we meet again…

Dear Friends and Colleagues-

It is with mixed emotions and with great peace that I write to let you know that the Bridges Together (BT) board – with my urging – voted to dissolve the organization.

For the last three decades, I’ve been saying that “aging is a lifelong journey”. I am so grateful for the journey that brought me to found and lead Bridges Together (BT).

I am even more grateful for you and the amazing people I have met along the way. Some of you have known me since before BT and joined me for this adventure. Others I met along the intergenerational road. Some of you traveled with me for many moons and miles while others appeared at just the right time for a quick visit. Each of you has been part of this circle of love that has created ripples of goodness – connecting thousands of lives across generations and helping us to celebrate our commonalities as sisters and brothers in humanity.

Recently, my youngest son graduated high school. I wrote a letter to him and the other graduates who are celebrating this milestone in such a difficult period of history. As I penned my three wishes for them, I was surprised at how much this intergenerational work has permeated my being and created a lens through which I view life. Thank YOU for helping me to give birth to and voice what has been in the depths of my being. Please know that I offer these wishes for you, as well! Read them here!

If you know me, you know I love to celebrate! I wish we could have an awesome send-off gathering but that is not possible at this point. So, to try to bring closure as well as to provide an avenue for us to stay in touch, I’ve created a form for you to:

  • share your thoughts and feelings on how BT and I have impacted you, your work as well as your hopes
  • ask any questions you have
  • share your email address if you want to stay in touch and learn about the next phase of my journey

With deep gratitude, in peace and with hope-


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