Wayside Inn + Bridges Together = An Intergenerational Scavenger Hunt

You know what’s better than a stroll around the grounds and buildings of a historical landmark? A scavenger hunt around the grounds and buildings of a historical landmark!

Thanks to a grant from the Sudbury Cultural Council and the Massachusetts Cultural Council, Bridges Together has partnered with Longfellow’s Wayside Inn (which is also BT’s landlord!) to create a fun intergenerational experience right here in Sudbury.

Check in at the front desk to get a map of the property and then walk the grounds to find the hunt’s eight stops. (Hint: The stops will be marked with a sign!) At each stop, draw the shape seen on the site’s sign on your map. When your group has visited all of the stops, bring the completed map back to the Inn’s front desk for a prize.

At Bridges Together, we talk about making “intergenerational magic” happen anywhere, and this scavenger hunt is a perfect example of how communities and organizations can collaborate to create an opportunity that everyone can enjoy.

The Bridges Together staff all learned something new about this history-rich site…when an institution has been around for 300 years, you know there are going to be some good stories!

We’ve got some beautiful spring weather coming up this weekend; grab someone from a different generation to partake in an activity that everyone can enjoy!





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