“We Should Have Had Andrea Five Years Ago”: Bridges Together Professional Development

Andrea leading an Ins & Outs of Planning Your Intergenerational Program workshop at Generations Inc. in Wisconsin

Andrea leading an Ins & Outs of Planning Your Intergenerational Program workshop at Generations Inc. in Wisconsin

Have you ever wondered what professional development in the intergenerational field looks like? At the end of May, Bridges Together’s Founder and Executive Director Andrea J. Fonte Weaver was in Wisconsin sharing her expertise on intergenerational programming. Back in January, Joann Wieland of Generations, an intergenerational community center created under the umbrella of the Plymouth Intergenerational Coalition (PIC) in Plymouth, WI, reached out to Bridges Together after finding us via a post about Grand Conversation Cards. After a conversation with Andrea, it was decided that Generations would bring her out to Wisconsin for two days to “provide more meat” to their programming.

The first day consisted of Andrea speaking to constituents and board members of Generations about what constitutes strong intergenerational programming – and more importantly, why effective ones are necessary. The next day, she led an Ins and Outs of Planning Your Intergenerational Program event to the multi-service agency arm of the PIC. The aim was to strengthen and expand intergenerational programming – and feedback was overwhelmingly positive! In fact, one participant noted, “We should have had [Andrea] five years ago.”

A mural at Generations

A mural at Generations

Andrea capped off her time in Wisconsin by visiting St. Ann Center for Intergenerational Care in Milwaukee. St. Ann Center helped Milwaukee achieve the designation one of America’s Best Intergenerational Communities by Generations United.

Is your community interested in having Andrea come and lead a workshop? Contact Debbie today at debbie@bridgestogether.org or 978.793.9650.

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