What did you learn in Bridges?

Boy-with-hand-upA true story.

Earlier this month, Bridges Together Executive Director, Andrea Weaver, asked 50 fourth-graders and a dozen volunteers what they learned in Bridges.

A boy quickly raised his hand.

“I learned that there is no such thing as ‘old’, because our volunteers are young for a star and I’m old for a bumble bee.” [This is adapted from a book used in Bridges, How Old is Old, by Combs.]

“What else did you learn?” Andrea asked. The boy’s hand went up again.

“I learned that you are never too old to learn and you are never too young to teach.”

“What else did people learn?” she asked again. Another boy raised his hand.

“We can be friends with people regardless of their age.”

Andrea then called out: “Volunteers, raise your hands if you learned anything.” Many hands went up. Then, Frank, an older gentleman who has volunteered many times, told his group:

“I learn something new every time I volunteer in Bridges!”

Mission accomplished!

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