Who’s Cooking: This month’s how-to guide is a gift for YOU!

To celebrate Intergenerational Awareness Month, Beacon Communities commissioned Bridges Together to create a How-To-Guide (H2G) on cooking that can be used in their affordable housing communities.

This H2G, titled Who’s Cooking?, is beneficial to all: families, affordable housing, communities, IG programs, schools, senior centers, corporations, and more. The tool can be used in a casual or formal setting.


Included in this month’s H2G:

  • Building Blocks: This is where we provide research-based knowledge on the topic. For Who’s Cooking?, we discuss the benefits to sitting at a table together (both in homes, educational and professional settings), a brief explanation of the food groups and blood sugar concerns.
  • Conversation Starters: This is where we provide a list of 20 or so specific questions you can use to prompt rich conversations. There is nothing worse than sitting at a table with nothing to say or receiving short and simple, one-word answers. These questions have been shown to prompt 1+ hour long meaningful conversations that all generations can enjoy!
  • Activities: This H2G has 18 different activities that can be used. All revolve around the theme of cooking, but they also cover a variety of interests and opportunities like: mathematics (fractions), movies, no-cook snacks/recipes, Iron Chef-like cooking contests using a secret ingredient, and more! There is something for all ages and all capabilities here!
  • Youth-Friendly Cookbooks: A listing of specific cookbooks that have been tested and approved, covering international, holidays, quick & easy and more!
  • Cooking Books Supplement: A 12-page supplement of picture books that involve cooking in one way or another. Each book listed includes a brief description, specific conversation starters, a recipe idea and additional activities to consider. Download here.


These H2Gs are usually available to members-only. But, thanks to Beacon Communities, you may enjoy it today. If you are not already a member, join today to access all of our monthly H2Gs!

Thank you, Beacon Communities LLC, for recognizing the importance of IG programming and your willingness to share this custom H2G for all to use! Enjoy!

And if you are interested in learning more about our custom H2Gs, please fill out our contact form and someone from Bridges will connect with you to discuss further.

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