Why, Where, Who? Thank YOU for Supporting Bridges Together

A thank you from Andrea, as she reflects on Bridges Together’s Annual Giving Program.

I woke up this morning singing the refrain from one of Mr. Rogers’ songs which begins…

“Some things I don’t understand…” The chorus begins “Why, why, why, why, why, why? I wonder why.”

Perhaps you are someone reading this post who is asking….

“Why why why, why, I wonder why… you need donations.”

To that, I respond:

In order to answer all of the people who reach out to us. In order to let more professionals know about the resources we have. In order to train more people – to either follow our proven Bridges Program Curricula method or to cultivate their own intergenerational program – we need people power. And in order to have top-notch people, we need to pay them fair wages and provide a work environment conducive to productivity and collaboration. Thankfully, we have the work environment covered – especially here at the splendid Wayside Inn and we have wonderful staff.

“Where, where, where, where, I wonder where… you get the money to sustain this organization.”

Bridges Together is a social entrepreneurship. As such, our funding comes from a variety of sources: sales from our Bridges Program Curricula Suite (which includes a day of training for a local leadership team), fees for contract services and professional development, grants, sponsorships and donations.

“Who, who, who, who, I wonder who… are the people who donate to Bridges Together.”

They are women and men of all ages from many communities. Some have volunteered in the Bridges program and want to say “thank you,” while others hope that their donation will empower more people to experience the magic of intergenerational relationships. Others are parents whose children have gone through Bridges and want to give back. Still others recognize my leadership and want to help propel me and this organization forward. We receive donations from professionals who have participated in a Bridges Together training and want to recognize its excellence. Some donations come from those who are aware of the growing generation gap in this country and want to help bridge the generations.

And so this morning, I say “thank you, thank you, thank you”…

To the many who donate.

To those who believe that Bridges Together is filling a void.

To those who are helping this organization to empower more professionals to unite older adults and children in their own communities.

To those who are making a donation this holiday season.

With a grateful heart… for Mr. Rogers, for you who are reading, for all those who are helping to keep Bridges Together sustainable!


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