Facts, Figures and Milestones

1991:  Andrea begins her career as an Intergenerational (IG) Specialist and pilots the Bridges: Growing Together program

1992:  Andrea becomes a member and eventual leader in the Massachusetts Intergenerational Network

1994: Bridges is led in new communities by Andrea.  Other communities hire her to design, implement and evaluate custom programs

2000: Bridges expands district-wide in Sudbury, involving 17 classrooms of 4th graders and 136 seniors

2003: Other New England communities purchase, train with  and implement the Bridges program

2012: Bridges Together is incorporated as a not-for-profit, charitable organization

2013:  Bridges: Our Smarts middle school program is developed

2014:  Bridges: Our Stories program for early readers is developed

2016: Bridges: Lifelong Journeys high school program is developed

Since Bridges Together was incorporated in 2012, 16 new communities have implemented one or more of its programs, engaging nearly 2,000 children, 600 seniors, and 75 community leaders. Hundreds more community leaders are currently attending workshops and/or being trained to launch new Bridges Together programs.


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