Build Your Own Intergenerational Bridge

“Whereas before, my ideas about our intergenerational/multigenerational programming possibilities were somewhat amorphous, now I have much more concrete ideas about what we might try, how we might approach things, and what we should consider and plan for. Thanks so much!”

At Bridges Together, our goal is to empower and equip others to implement intergenerational programs in their own spheres of influence. Some people seek to create an intergenerational program that suits their specific community and its needs; they seek out our expertise to help guide them. Here are ways that Bridges Together can assist you in tailoring your own IG initiative:

 “Very engaging and informative. Great ‘brain sparks’ were shared, new ideas and new networks! Thank you! There is great value in today’s workshop. I truly learned the ‘ins and outs’ of IG programs, including the base of the program such as the human development theories all the way to implementation and budget. I will use this new knowledge to transform our old grandparent program into our new, intentional, reciprocal program. Thank you!”


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