Presentations and Workshops

“I thought today was excellent. I really enjoyed all of the movements, activities and discussions that correlated with the human development theories. It was also really special for me to connect with ‘seasoned elders.’ Thank you for a wonderful experience!”

Andrea leading an Ins & Outs of Planning Your Intergenerational Program workshop at Generations Inc. in Wisconsin

Are you looking to train your staff on intergenerational (IG) issues? Are you organizing a symposium or conference and need a dynamic speaker to address IG issues?

For more than 25 years, Bridges Together Founder and Executive Director Andrea J. Fonte Weaver has been presenting memorable and empowering workshops across the country. With the Bridges Together staff, she provides tangible tips based on human development theories as well as extensive hands-on experience.

Participants of these interactive and engaging sessions leave with knowledge, guidance and practical tips that lead to concrete plans and action.

These workshops and presentations can be customized to fit your specific needs, including the exact topic and duration, often one to three hours. We can accommodate you at Bridges Together HQ in Sudbury or can travel to your venue. Common topics include:

  • Step by Step: The Tools for Building an Effective Intergenerational Program
  • Grandparents & Grandchildren: Nurturing These Special Bonds
  • Training Older Adults: Best Practices
  • IG: A World of Many Options



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