IG Facilitators

Facilitators can help you plan, launch, and execute an intergenerational program in your own community.

Bridges Together provides this service (email info@BridgesTogether.org), as do several other organizations in our region. Here are a few:

Between the Lines Poetry

Between the Lines Poetry offers an intergenerational poetry program in which high school students and older adults meet for six weeks to read and discuss poetry relevant to both age groups. Our lively and spirited discussion focuses on personal responses to a poem rather than trying to extract the meaning of the poem.  Each student is paired with one or two older adults, and they work closely together thoroughout the six weeks so the relationships can develop; several friendships have continued beyond the time spent in the program. For more information, visit betweenthelinespoetry.com or contact Patti Russo at pattirusso317@gmail.com

Family Stories through Art 

Did you know that children lose early memories by the age of 7 or 8? But if a caring adult weaves those memories into story, children retain the stories even though they have lost the actual memories (Emory University).  In this workshop, grandparents and grandchildren strengthen family bonds by together using simple collage techniques and writing to transform one of their family stories into a beautiful book. Instructor scans, edits, and prints the first book, and prepares a file so participants can print more copies for family members. For more information, visit sharonsantillo.com, or contact Sharon Santillo at santillo.art@gmail.com or 617-299-1768.

Sages & Seekers

The Sages & Seekers eight-week program is designed to bring high school or university students together with older adults, engaging these young adults in a thoughtful examination of how life is lived and how personal challenges are overcome—powerful inspiration as they are beginning to build their own sense of identity and personal independence. More open to learning from adults outside of their families, the younger generations can be guided by impartial, yet caring adults who can be more accepting of who they are and the choices they are considering. This program builds writing, listening, public speaking and interviewing skills, but more importantly develops empathy in a generation dominated by technology. For seniors, this program allows them to feel more relevant, less isolated and invisible, as well as to engage in a valuable “life review.” For more information, visit sagesandseekers.org or contact Elly Katz at ekatz@sagesandseekers.org or 508-444-8821.

Music & Memory

Music & Memory is a nonprofit organization that uses personalized music to help improve the quality of life of older adults living in nursing homes and other settings. Currently in over 1,400 facilities across the nation, Music & Memory combines the talent and skills of young individuals with technology, while helping older adults reconnect with the world around them. For more information, visit musicandmemory.org or contact Alexis Gregos, Music & Memory outreach coordinator at agregos@musicandmemory.org.


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