Start a Conversation

Big change can start simply. We invite you to start a dialogue with your family, colleagues and government leaders about how to view communities, workplaces and family structures through an intergenerational lens.

Grand Conversation Cards. These cards, full of insightful questions designed to spark dialogue, are a hit both at trainings and around the dinner table. Purchase yours ($10/deck of 40 cards) here.

In Your Community: Bridges Together can help you spur a dialogue about intergenerational issues wherever you are located.

If You're an Educator...

If You Work with Older Adults...

Bring Bridges to Your Center!

Use the Bridges or a custom program for your senior center. You can also join our membership, attend an event and more!

If You're a Grandparent or Parent.....

Bring Bridges To Your Home!

Integrate IG activities into your household using our printable Springboards. Join our membership to get monthly activities!